Gluteal Implants -   "Buttocks Implants"

Gluteal Implants are soft, and much stronger than breast implants. They are made of an elastomer, a much stronger capsule, which eliminates the possibility of a leak.

• You want extra fullness in the upper region of your buttocks.

An incision 2-3 inches wide is made and hidden in the crease between the buttocks. The implants are then placed under the gluteus maximus muscle in a space made to assure the implants don't move out of position. After the implants are inserted, the incision is then stitched together.

The healing period for Gluteal implants generally lasts about 14 days. There will be some discomfort, but medication will be prescribed to alleviate any pain. Light activity can be resumed in two weeks, and your body will completely heal from the surgery in six weeks.